Why use Tellpe

You want to communicate abroad, you have a package stuck? You do not have enough airtime in your package?
Tellpe allows you to make national and international communications at low cost.
Tellpe is added to your existing package plan and allows you to call anywhere in the world via your data connection (3g/4g) or wifi without roaming charges.

How Tellpe save my money ?

Calls to Tellpe users are free and unlimited, do not spend more money to call your friends, tell them to join our network.
National and international calls are low cost and without any roaming charges.

What devices are compatible with Tellpe ?

iPhone et ipad: Tellpe works on iPhone and iPad: 3GS and 4 with IOS 3.1.3, 4. and higher.
Android : Tellpe is compatible Android 2.3.x and higher.
Computer: A Windows version of Tellpe exists. It works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 or higher.

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